Our last few days as Tourists

Well, We are home again.. Yay.. It is good to be back home.

We had an awesome time in Auckland, but a week is more than enough time there. 🙂 We went to Motat on Thursday and spent a bit of time looking around. It was interesting playing with the old phones and watching how the old telephone exchanges worked. 5 Minutes to just get connected to a number though would’ve annoyed the heck out of me. 🙂

MOTAT Tram Hoped on a tram to go see Motat 2, Was a little disappointed with the second bit of Motat. There were no Army stuff out, though we got to see some planes.

Friday we went and got some culture from the Museum, had lunch with Mum and did some other stuff, then got caught up in the shooting when the police closed off all the motorway on ramps. So driving back to the North Shore was a frustrating experience. What should’ve taken us less than 30 minutes took well over an hour and a half. Now I know why I don’t want to ever live in Auckland again.

kim orewa beach Saturday and we’re off to Orewa beach, It was an awesome afternoon. Very hot though, even mum’s poor van started having some over heating issues, hopefully it’s nothing to serious.

The water was so lovely though. It was pretty busy and the the IRB crew looked like they went for a few joy rides to kill their boredom. I guess, at least they weren’t having to pull people to safety.

We left Auckland on Sunday doing a detour through Pirongia to see our Friends, Mari and Brendon. We had a lovely lunch and 4 hour break, which got us out of the heat of the day. It was 28 degrees when we arrived and it just got hotter. So being in a nice Air conditioned house was great.

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