Loving this weather

090220083 Well, Have just spent the day basking in the sun and spent a few hours in the pool.

This is what summer is all about. I’m so loving this weather. Beautiful sunshine, hot temperatures and a pool. What more can a girl want. Ok, well a glass of wine after we got out and vege’d out by the pool would’ve capped the afternoon off nicely. But hey, It was an awesome afternoon none the less.

One can only hope it stays like this for some time to come, so we can spend more time by / in the pool. Looking forward to having a BBQ on the weekend

If you’re outside, remember to slip, slop and slap.. Remember, the only thing that looks good pink is a pig… 😀

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I’m an Electronics Service Technician by day. By night I’m an Application Developer, Embedded Software Developer, Mountain Biking chic. Currently starting to put together some home automation projects which I’ll be posting progress on the site.

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