The silly season

Yesterday we had to duck into town to pickup a couple of things. Low and behold trying to get a car park was a nightmare. You can definitely tell school holidays are upon us. But it makes me wonder what the hell everyone is on about with regards to the supposed recession were are in. There seems to be a lot of spending going on this past week, I guess next week is going to be even worse with the lead up to Christmas.


Then today we went to pick up a couple of movie tickets for tomorrow afternoon. We thought we’d park in the Downtown parking building. Yeah, well. We got up the ramp to find a ‘Full” sign.


What a fucking stupid place to have a “Full” sign. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the sign at the bottom of the ramp where one can see it from the road so we don’t waste our time driving up to find it’s full.


Well, I noticed not long after I had done a U Turn and found a park on the road, that 3 more cars had to do the same.  Next thing you know, the dopey security guard who watched us do a U turn is standing down the bottom of the ramp telling people it’s full.


I think I’ll hold off going into town again until after New Years.. 🙂

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