Christmas Parade 015 Well, after the disappointment of the so called Palmerston North Christmas Parade. We decided to head over to Feilding on Sunday 14th December to have a peek at what Friendly Feilding had to offer.

Well, I’m very pleased we went. The weather was just fantastic and the parade was actually worth while going over for.

We have decided that instead of wasting time with Palmerston North’s parade ever again, we’ll just go over to Feilding to see theirs.

Shocking, a parade that’s not all about advertising dumb arse companies that half the population would never use. Which is pretty much all Palmy’s parade was. Feilding at least put some thought into their floats unlike a certain other Christmas parade. I have to give Feilding more credit on the fact their santa didn’t have some bimbo teen bride sitting next to him 🙂

All in all the afternoon was well worth it and it was good to have a look around the market stalls that had also attended around immediate area.