Tripping to Auckland and Back

auckland-from-the-bridge Well, We did another trip up to Auckland. This is becoming to be a habit.

This time it was to help Mum and Dad out for a few days so they could rest and relax while recovering from their mishap on the motor bike.

We left Palmy on Friday morning at around 10am. Over all it was a pretty good drive up. Stopped in Taupo for lunch by the lake. It was a really hot day. We went the normal way through Hamilton (Never again) we normally bypass Cambridge and Hamilton as it’s a bitch of a place to get through.

We did have a snarl up of Traffic on the southern motorway just past Manakau City. We came to a complete stop on a 4 lane motorway no less. Traffic crawled until around Fanshaw street and eased off as we got over the bridge.

We arrived at Mum and Dad’s and had Pizza Hut for dinner. Didn’t really do anything too exciting, just helped out with housework, washing etc..

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