Scary morning

JJ & Lo Well, I had a bit of a scare this morning. I got a phone call from my brother informing me that mum and dad were involved in an accident while out on their motor bike this morning.

Fortunately they are both ok, bruises, black eye, shaken and in a neck brace but other wise ok.

Turns out some moron in a “cage” (aka: a car) pulled out directly in front of them and dad had no way of avoiding the idiot. Oh If I could get my hand on the driver of that car.

I spoke to mum at the hospital which eased my mind a little. Still a heck of a shell shock when things like this happen to people so close to you.

Ride safe out there everyone. And for all those idiots in cars. Open your bloody eyes. There have been way to many motor cyclist taken out by your stupid actions.

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