An Air Filtration Unit is NOT a Bloody Vacuum Cleaner

As the title states. An Air Filtration unit is NOT a vacuum cleaner.


We had an interesting couple of hours on this afternoon. I participated in a survey regarding air quality in Palmerston North a week or so ago. That was fine.


Got rung by the company wanting to show us an Air Filtration System (aka: or so I thought, An Air Conditioning Unit which we are currently looking at purchasing.)


No, It wasn’t an Air Con / Heat pump.. it’s a fucking vacuum cleaner. Had they said we want to show you a vacuum cleaner I would have told them not to bother. We are not looking for a new vacuum cleaner at this point in time.


Our current budget is for an Air Con unit which we can run while in the room and not have to listen to a 200db (ok give or take but this bloody vacuum cleaner was loud) noise maker which we have to yell over to have a conversation.


We did think as a vacuum cleaner it was an efficient unit, but we don’t want a bloody vacuum cleaner. So we asked the sales guy (who by the way was dropping the price something chronic to try and get us to buy this bloody thing) for contact details for the company..


So if you’re in Palmy North and get “Envirotect” wanting to show you an “Air Filtration System” it is indeed a Vacuum Cleaner and going to set you back around $3750 minus the desperate discounts to make a sale. 🙂

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  1. did you manage to get contact details for the company? had the same problem today in auckland. And I only get one day off a week so was sincerely unimpressed with the time waster.

    • Hi Allie,

      no, I never managed to get contact information for them, I gave up as I figured it really wasn’t worth my time or effort to chase around after them.

      I simply wrote it off as an experience that will never happen again. No more door to door “survey” gathers are welcome here. 🙂

  2. I was conned by the sales person too…he promised gift at the end of the demo which he said he forgot to bring and would drop next day….and ur gauess is right next day has not arrived yet..
    What about u…did u get any gift at the end of the bloody “waste of the time” show?

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