Weeks that drag

kimberly Ok, I’m sure everyone gets those weeks that just seem to drag on. The past few have seemed to be the longest I’ve ever had.

We left home to drive up to Auckland for a week on Sunday the 19th October, my cat was at her favourite cattery for the duration. On the way up was pretty uneventful.

Just your usual long drive from Palmy to Auckland. We did get some idiot try and pass when the signs clearly stated “Do not Pass on Painted Median” Well, no wonder the car in front was going to turn right in the turning lane when this moron came screaming up the side of us and just about collected the car turning. If I hadn’t been driving I would’ve whipped out the camera and taken a photo. Anyway, he didn’t learn. I was sitting around 105kph when who should come flying past us. The same idiot passing on a corner no less, do some people need to kill themselves or others before they learn. Maybe they just never learn I dunno.

Got to Auckland that evening and once we were settled in to where we were staying, we decided to order Pizza Hut for dinner. The weather was reasonable so we sat outside and ate.

We had an appointment at 8am the following morning (Monday) so after a long drive I was pretty much ready for bed by 9pm. I didn’t think I was going to be able to get up early enough but I managed it.

The week was pretty good, weather wise but due to the circumstances of why we were there (which I won’t go into at this time) I spent most of it inside or running up and down a bloody hill. I even managed to kill a pair of boots which I have to get the sole re-attached.

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I’m an Electronics Service Technician by day. By night I’m an Application Developer, Embedded Software Developer, Mountain Biking chic. Currently starting to put together some home automation projects which I’ll be posting progress on the site.

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