You can always trust a RaQ

raqpic Well, I spent the good part of two days rebuilding my baby. A Cobalt RaQ4i Rack Server. My first ever rack mount server is still going as strong today as it was when I got it.


I’m having issues with a Scsi drive not spinning up properly on my Compaq DL360 so I rebuilt the RaQ as a backup just in case.


If I could get a hold of another RaQ4i or even a 550 I’d be a very happy girl. Unlike most servers I think the RaQs’ look sexy (yeah ok for a computer) and having customised mine to my preference I like the usability of them.

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  1. Hi Keith, Thanks for the suggestion. I have looked on Ebay, but the shipping cost to get it to New Zealand makes it extremely expensive. Though I will have another look.

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