Women warned about serial bag snatcher

Having read this on 3 News’ web site

Women in Auckland’s eastern suburbs are being urged to be on the alert for a serial bag snatcher who has struck five times in the last few days.
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brought to mind, the amount of women who have their handbags sitting in the ‘child seat’ of the trolley at super markets. What’s even more surprising is the amount that you see open and unattended while the owner browses the shelves looking for the items they want.

I hope they catch up with this gutless moron, who needs to pray on elderly women.
Be careful out there girls. It could happen to any one of us, anywhere. I’m sure situations like this are not just limited to Auckland

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  • Glad you mention this. Even if you are busy getting some things off the shelves, just make sure to keep your bag on your shoulder at all times!

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