What is this country coming too?

It’s really sad when you read things like this.

Police say a young man who was shot three times at his home in Papatoetoe early on Sunday was executed while walking up to his front door.

Man gunned down at front door in violent end-of-winter weekend 


Police have spoken to a "person who is of interest to them" following a two-hour sexual assault on two teenage tourists at Tokomaru Bay, north of Gisborne.

`Person of interest’ pinpointed in attack inquiry

It makes me sick to the stomach to think I am proud to be a kiwi. Stories like this really make me wonder what this country is coming too.  Bring back the death penalty. I really think it’s time this country ditch the "slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket" justice system.

I know it doesn’t just happen in New Zealand, but I was always proud of our kind hearted nation. Though that is slipping away.

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  1. I just read the the post “what is the world coming to”

    Things are getting worse all over the world, and its sad when it creeps into your neighbourhood.

    Nice blog by the way

  2. This is getting worse all the time. I have two young boys and that scares me even more knowing what is happening today. What I do find comforting is that there are still a lot of good people around and I hope that out weights the bad. 🙂

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