The revolving door of life

It is just me, or are the weeks coming and going faster than a revolving door?

I must be having fun, can’t think of why though. Other than the usual work, eat & sleep, It’s not like i’ve done anything of real interest lately. We have caught some of the olympics on TV which has passed some time.

Mum and Dad came to stay last friday night, then headed down to Wellington on Saturday to see Grandma (dad’s mum). They came back Saturday evening then decided to drive back to Auckland. It would’ve been good to spend a bit more time with them but they both had to go back to work on Monday.

I got a txt from dad at about 1:30am on Sunday saying they’d made it to Taupo so I was able to sleep a bit better knowing they weren’t stuck some where in the middle of nowhere.

Seeing the amount of snow fall it was probably just as well, they managed to get through National Park, although they did get the van buried in snow. Unfortunately I don’t think there are photo’s of it, as it would’ve been too dark, but it would’ve been an interesting pic.

I guess I shouldn’t bore the world to death so I won’t waffle on anymore. 🙂

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