Lynksys WAG54g Ethernet ports

routersWell, After performing very well for the last few years, my Linksys WAG54g ADSL Router is now not much more than a brick.


Over the past few days we have been having intermittent outages of the wired network. (Eg: my servers kept dropping off the network) Wireless and ADSL connection were not effected.


Fortunately my D-Link 504 and my Linksys WRT54g are still in tact so I was able to rebuild the network and bridge my WRT54g and D-Link quickly. (Not what a girl wants to be doing on a Saturday) 🙁


I won’t however be buying a new Linksys WAG54g. After a little research it seems to be a common issue. I don’t know if the network was spiked or not but I think I’ll go back to using D-Link hardware. Sorry Linksys.


But this seems to have happened to a lot of people on a lot of occasions. You have lost my business for your network equipment

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  1. Hi Kimberly. Thanks for the heads up on the wag54g. Seems like your ‘Insignificant Little Web Space’ (along with a few other pages) has made a significant impact on my decision. Keep up the blogs, they are more helpful than you know.
    Kind regards (and thanks),

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