Acer Aspire 4315 Laptop

acer_laptopI just bought a new Acer Aspire 4315 Laptop from Dick Smith which came with Ubuntu Hardy Heron. I have to admit I am very impressed with it. I had a little issue with the wireless drivers but it was easily fixed. The only bit that isn’t supported is the 56k modem, as it is linked with the sound system I read that getting the modem to run can screw up the whole install so I won’t bother looking into it. I don’t use 56k modem’s for net connections, It’s either wired or wireless so the modem not running does not bother me in the slightest. The rest of the hardware was supported out of the box with out me having to go though and struggle setting setting up hardware drivers. Skype does some problems with the capture device and I still have a problem with it resetting the capture volumes back to 0, but I don’t see it as too much of an issue at the moment.

I have yet to try my webcam, I will have to do that when I get home as we are in Auckland until Monday. Over all I am very pleased with the Acer and it was cheaper than I was expecting plus it came with a free upgrade to 1gig of ram.

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  1. Hi Karl,

    From what I can gather the modem is incorporated into the sound card. I installed Windows XP onto my partners aspire 4315 and managed to get all the drivers running, though I’m not sure if I got the correct sound card drivers. After installing the sound card drivers, sound works and XP detected the modem but I don’t seem to have the driver for the modem. I never looked into to it any further, as ours are generally on a wireless lan.

  2. Hi Kim

    I have also bought the same unit…
    i decided to run WINDOWS XP on this machine…
    all is going well…..

    except I can’t get the Internet to go….
    not sure what sort of MODEM is in this machine.
    Any ideas how i can fix this


  3. hello kim!
    I bought the same notebook as you and im quite satisfied with it.. anyway the thing that dont impress me about this laptop is that i cant seem to play videos here. could you tell me how? thanks..

  4. Hi Yuni,
    What operating system are you running on it. You may not have the correct codec’s installed. If you’re using Ubuntu, you may need to install ubuntu-restricted-extras

    This can be done from a shell prompt with sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras


  5. Hi,
    I have had my Acer 4315 going through the alpha and beta testing of Ubuntu 8.10 for about 4-5 weeks and seven kernel updates.
    Network drivers for both ethernet and wireless are part of the standard install.(no NDIS wrapper required).
    Network manager seems to be working quite well, at least with WPA wireless connections as well as the ethernet .Hot plugging a Netgear WG111v2 USB interface works and announces it is connected – just the way it should. Still not sure about internal wireless giving “full speed” all the time – as this may be an issue with my SpeedStream router.
    I started installation by using GPARTED to set up partitions first.

    I would not try to update from the ACER installed UBUNTU

    Still testing USB hardware – more to follow.

    Looking good so far

    regards David

  6. Hey,
    I am running ubuntu hardy on the same laptop I got since Oct 2008.
    Is yours getting too hot on the back too ? I have some suspicions with this acer stuff

  7. Hii Plz help i got the same Unit but my internet isnt workingg 🙁

    i made it xp
    i tryed putting Modem Lite but i dont know how to install that or watever ?

    also i got wireless in it now which is good but i cant get in my modem dno y.

    plz reply 🙂 thx

  8. Hi, I don’t know how I missed this comment from Dom about it getting hot. My Aspire 4315 runs warm, But then most notebooks do run warm to hot. As long as the vents are clear there should be no problem.

    I read a thread somewhere not long ago about cooling pads. And while they can be a good idea, the hype is sometimes overrated. Notebooks naturally run warmer. The thread I was reading stated, that as long as the vents were not blocked or covered up there should be no problem with over heating. Common sense would prevail as far as heat goes, If the air is hot, the notebook could get hotter than normal, but in your average environment, temperatures from any notebook should be ok even if it seems hot.

  9. Way back when, I also bought an Acer Aspire 4315 Laptop (from Dick Smith, with Ubuntu 7.10 aka Gutsy Gibbon). I upgraded to 2GB RAM and eventually solved most of the issues (using updates and driver/kernel fixes).

    I have since switched to Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (eg. 8.10). After a clean install it behaves the way it should have from the start. I am left to ponder the original effort by Acer.

    Most of the fixes were introduced in 8.04 LPIA (Hardy Heron, low-power Intel-architecture), but were never back-ported to any Gutsy or the other Hardy versions.

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