Traffic lights are there for a reason

Ok, My understanding is that when you are stopped at a red traffic light you stayed stopped until the lights changed to green.

Am I wrong on this. I don’t really want to test it. But today we had someone do just that.

We were sitting at a red light with a car next to us turning right who was also stopped, or so we thought. It was as though the driver had fallen asleep with an automatic car and their foot had come off the break. Before we knew it. This car was half way through the bloody intersection. Stunned all Sarah & I could do was look at each other shaking our heads laughing. I don’t know what the people in the car behind them thought.

Now, It is fortunate that there was no traffic coming from the opposite direction or this could have been a serious accident. Do people not take their lives seriously. Hell, we’ve even had a TV advertising campaign about taking risks at intersections. I just don’t get the mentallity of some drivers. As it was we were there for a good minute before the lights turned green.

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