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I was installing Fedora 9 for my dad the other day. He was looking for a test bed server solution and as it was being installed on Mum’s computer I figured Fedora 9 provides a nice desktop solution too.

While I feel Fedora is stable on the most part to provide me a desktop pc I still don’t know if I’d run it as a full time, live server.

My preferred server os of choice is CentOS with BlueQuartz Bluequartz is based upon the Cobalt RaQ 550 server appliance control panel software.

If you are looking for a Server appliance OS Centos with Bluequartz built in can be downloaded from NuOnce Networks

The advantages I’ve found to CentOS/BlueQuartz is the fact that where some other linux distros such as Fedora have a supported life span. So instead of having to upgrade on a new release by CD/DVD or even apt or yum. CentOS will update via yum periodically and will include new versions/releases of the main OS.

By memory I installed CentOS/BQ a few releases ago and have had to do very little to keep it up to date. However Fedora on the hand I have had to spend some time keeping up with each major release. For example a web hosting company here in NZ are still running Fedora Core 6 as public servers. As far as I am awhere, security updates for Fedora Core 6 are no longer being released. Where as CentOS/BQ are still releasing security and bug fixes where required.

Having said that. Look around at other Distro’s such as Debian, Mandriva etc.. Having personally been drawn to Red Hat / Centos and Fedora I am unsure of the life span of other distro’s as far as update support goes. So before jumping in and installing a Server have a look around and read each distro’s sites to make sure than in 3 years time you’re not going to find your self out on a limb with a server full of security issues or other bugs that are not fixed in your release of that distro.

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