Securing your FrontPage GuestBook

Don’t you hate it when you find pages of spam websites listed in your FrontPage guestbook. This will help overcome some of these issues.Note: There is no way to completely secure your guestbook other than not having one. But this can help.

Basically all the article will do is show you how to stop web addresses being posted to your guest book, or other FrontPage form.

Once you have your Guest Book or feedback form built, all you want to do is add some form validation to stop certain characters from being posted to it. EG: : and // for example.

First, Right Click on the “Form Field” and click on Form Field Properties

At which point you will see something like the below image. On this form click Validate…


Which will bring you to a screen similar to this one. You will then need to change the data type to Text


As you can see above, you can then allow Letters, Digits, Whitespace and Other.

By simply not putting : or / or @ in the Other field you can stop Web and Email addresses from being posted to your FrontPage form.

While there is no real way to completely secure a guest book, The above does help cut down alot of the spam that gets posted to guest books.

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